In episode 13, you'll hear a wonderful montage of experiences sent in by speech therapists who are currently working in telepractice.  Each therapist explains how teletherapy has had a positive impact on their lives, both personally, and professionally.  From greater student progress, to more time for family, each therapist has uniquely personal reasons for loving online therapy.  I'm grateful to the time and effort each therapist took to record their story, and send it to me, to be included in this collection.  



In episode 12, Gila Cohen-Shaw walks us through the world of online Speech-Language Assessment.  Gila has been a practicing SLP for over 25 years, and has been a teleSLP since 2012.  Assessment is her passion, and she paints the picture of HOW assessments are done online, what equipment is necessary, and what's important to include in your final written report.  Gila also has a wonderful message about career change, burnout and how telepractice renewed her passion in the field.

In Episode 11, Janet speaks candidly about moving through the process of becoming a speech teletherapist, from the interview, to cross licensure, to behavior management.  As the owner of Lighthouse Therapy, she provides practical tips on making a successful transition, and advocating for what you need in any setting.

In Episode 10, I get the chance to speak with Rebecca Reinking from Adventures in Speech Pathology, the Australian who spent years as an SLP abroad in different countries and settings.  She shares her experiences as life moved her around, and the value of getting varied experiences.  The message is clear- if you aren't happy in your current setting, there are so many ways to make your career exactly what you want it to be.  

Adventures In Speech Pathology Website

In Episode 9, Susan Berkowitz, Author of Making The Connection: A Practical Guide For Teaching AAC, walks us through her journey of falling in love with Augmentative Alternative Communication.  We discuss her favorite AAC resources, a challenging but successful case study, and how to adapt AAC principles and practices in teletherapy.  

Make The Connection Book

Susan's Website

Susan Berkowitz on TpT


In Episode 8, Jessi Andricks walks us through her personal journey as she moved from a stressed out, burned out SLP, to a happy, thriving teletherapist.  Jessi is also a Stress Management Coach for SLPs, as she is trained in yoga and meditation. She uses these practices to help SLPs find more balance in their daily lives. We discuss ways that SLPs can quickly build stress-relieving practices into their day, and how to avoid becoming burnt out from the profession we love.  

You can find Jessi, her blogs, and meditation series by going to her website:

Jessi Andricks


In episode 7, I answer your burning questions about speech telepractice.  Questions like:

*"What does your caseload look like?"

*"How much do you work?"

*"How does speech telepractice work?"

*"How much do you get paid?"

*"How do you complete an online assessment?"

*"Where should I work?"

Below are some of the links to things I have referenced in this solo podcast.

Teletherapy In Action Videos

Creating Game Pieces for Online Use

Telepractice Key Issues ASHA


In Episode 6, I had the unique pleasure of interviewing Lainee Norris, a teleSLP who provides virtual services to students in an online school setting.  In addition to being a practicing teletherapist, we get a dual perspective, because Lainee is a mom to 2 children who receives virtual speech therapy.  Lainee offers helpful advice to SLPs already practicing teletherapy, and to those SLPs who wish to begin a career in the field.  

In this episode, Kathleen Cohn from Rock Creek Teletherapy provides terrific advice for anyone who is looking to provide telepractice to adults, or work to add telepractice to their already existing brick and mortar setting.  We discuss LSVT therapy and it's place in telepractice, as well as terrific resources for providing adult treatment.  


Kathleen provides services to both adults, and students in the Montana region.  She can be found at

In Episode 4, Marcia Campagna speaks candidly about her journey as an SLP, and how she eventually landed into telepractice as a private practicioner. We discuss the winding field of speech pathology, what the benefits and disadvantages of owning a brick and mortar practice are, and how important networking is while building your practice.  

Marcia has graciously offered a free coaching session to anyone looking to build teletherapy into their private practice.  Click to here to read more!

She is ALSO offering 20% off of her 3 month and 6 month coaching packages to anyone who mentions this podcast! 

You can find Marcia at


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